Protean Releases New Brochure with Product Selection Guide

Protean Construction Products is pleased to announce that it has published new literature with a Product Selection Guide.

Protean has a passion to help architects create great buildings that last. They offer a broad range of metal cladding systems with flexible design characteristics to provide project specific solutions. Their new brochure helps architects imagine the form their vision will take, design around the product and system best suited for their wants and parameters, and create a specification for a building that achieves their vision.

“It can be easy for us to forget that the architectural community deals with dozens of aspects of building design. Remembering the details of each of these aspects can be daunting,” said Troy Ethen, President of Protean. “We are in the metal cladding business, so it is second nature for us to hone in on the product that meets the desired aesthetic at the lowest cost. That is all we do, every day. So we wanted to do something to help the architect take that first step towards their vision, instead of pushing them to a product that gives us an advantage.”

The new literature provides Case Studies of successful projects, demonstrating the attributes of multiple cladding systems. The case studies and photography which demonstrate the end result are supported with text which details the types of projects and aesthetics for which a system is best suited. The piece summarizes the recommendations with an easy to use Product Selection Guide and a ‘Good, Better, Best’ rating of varying systems by application and market.

Protean Construction Products has been a leader in the manufacturing of high-tech architectural metal wall panel systems since 1989. They focus on a wide variety of standard honeycomb, plate, foam insulated, MCM and column cover systems which can be customized to specifically meet the design intent of the architect. Offering a single source of responsibility to their customers, Protean has the flexibility and versatility needed to custom fabricate systems to meet their customer’s needs. With experienced design staff and unique manufacturing processes Protean can produce a wide variety of custom panel systems at a competitive price. Their panels take the form architects desire to meet their vision at a cost owners need to meet their budget. Protean: The Form of Architectural Vison.


Click to view or download a PDF of our brochure and product grid.