Our ACM-100 Composite Panel System is an economical panel system that is designed and engineered to provide extremely flat panels. Our standards of fully engineering a panel system are reflected in our fabrication of this panel system such as span evaluation, proper installation stiffeners as required and properly spaced fasteners and clips. The pan design for the ACM-100 system is a route and returned, fully caulked system that is attached to the structure through the use of returned legs or concealed clips.

Although this system is design to be installed to the structure with mechanical fasteners as a fully-caulked system, it can also be designed to install into a glazing system.

See our Column Cover page for more information on column covers to match or accent your panel system.

Panel Features:

Face Materials ACM-100 Panel Systems

  • 4mm Standard
  • 3mm & 6mm Material thicknesses are available
  • MCM materials available in the above thicknesses Stainless Steel, Zinc, Titanium, Copper Please call Protean

Finishes Available

  • 70% Kynar 500 Coatings carrying a standard ten (10) year warranty (20 year option available)
  • Class I (Clear, Bronze, Black, Med Bronze & Champagne) Batch Anodized
  • Class II (Clear) Batch Anodized


  • Polyethylene (PE) Standard Core material
  • Fire-Rated (FR) (4mm only)


  • Standard Vertical Joint 1/2” caulked joints
  • Standard Horizontal Joint 1/2” caulked joints

Panel Size Limitations

  • Maximum panel length approx. 15′-10″
  • Maximum panel width approx. 60″ based on 1” panel thickness (varies with panel thickness)

Panels Design Configurations

  • Square or Rectangular Flat Panels
  • Geometric Shaped Panels – Triangular or Trapezoidal
  • Bent Panels – Corner Panels, Coping Panels or Multiple Bend Fascia Panels
  • Curved or Radius Panels