Protean’s ACM Composite Column Covers and Beam Wraps are manufactured on roll-forming equipment and press brakes. Our ACM Composite Column Covers can be fabricated to have ½” minimum joints sealed with backer rod and sealant. Our Decorative Column Covers are also available with a channel insert reveal joint and hairline (butt) joint options. Designed for use as interior and exterior column enclosures, our metal column covers can be round, square, oval or tapered. Available as options Protean can provide reveals, cut-outs, or sound deadening material can also be applied to reduce noise.

Column Covers and Beam Wraps can be attached directly to structural steel columns or concrete columns utilizing clip attachment to these structural members. A framing system consisting of structural steel studs can also be fabricated to create the sub-structure or used to tie back to the building structure for attachment of the Metal Column Covers. All column cover systems are evaluated or engineered to determine that they will meet design loads as required.

Column Cover Features:

Materials – ACM-COL Aluminum Composite Column Covers

  • 4mm Standard
  • 3mm & 6mm Material thicknesses are available
  • MCM materials available in the above thicknesses Stainless Steel, Zinc, Titanium, Copper Please call Protean

Finishes Available

  • 70% Kynar 500 Coatings carrying a standard ten (10) year warranty (20 year option available)
  • Class I (Clear, Bronze, Black, Med Bronze & Champagne) Batch Anodized
  • Class II (Clear) Batch Anodized


  • Polyethylene (PE) Standard Core material
  • Fire-Rated (FR) (4mm only)


  • Standard Vertical Joint 1/2” caulked joints
  • Standard Horizontal Joint 1/2” caulked joints
  • Alternate Vertical Joint Hairline (Soft V-Groove) joints
  • Alternate Vertical Joint 1/2” channel insert reveal joint
  • Alternate Vertical Joint 1/2” Silicone Gasket joint
  • Alternate Horizontal Joints Tight Butt joints

Column Cover Size Limitations

  • Maximum column cover length approx. 15′-0″ Aluminum
  • Columns Exceeding Maximum length are fabricated with horizontal joints
  • Column covers are available in an 8″ minimum diameter
  • Column Covers are typically fabricated in halves (2 Parts completing Column Cover)
  • Also Available in multiple segments i.e.… 1/3 Columns, 1/4 Columns Segments etc.

Column Design Configurations

  • Round Columns
  • Rectangular Columns
  • Oval Columns
  • Tapered Columns

Additional Options

  • Horizontal Reveals (Top, Bottom and Intermediate)
  • Trim Rings (Ceiling Trim or Base Trim)
  • Sound Deadening Mastic