Protean offers a variety of laminated metal wall panel systems that can be utilized depending on your requirements and needs. All of these systems have a similar construction: the skins and cores are laminated in our dead flat platen vacuum press system ensuring extreme flatness and strength.

The exterior panel skins are formed on press brakes, ensuring crisp lines and offering greater dimensional flexibility, while some of the interior liner skins are break formed and others are roll-formed. The final result is a laminated metal wall panel with greater span capacity which virtually eliminates the phenomenon of “oil-canning”

Protean’s laminated panel systems can be fabricated at a 1″ thickness up to a thickness of 6″. Our 100 series has been designed as an insulated core panel system with foam cores FM-100 or a non-insulated metal wall panel system with honeycomb cores HC-100.

Each system has a different a visual appearance utilizing caulked joints and dry joints, as well as gasket joints. Each system varies in attachment to the structure.