Our 200 Series Metal Wall Panel Systems are designed and installed utilizing our “caulkless” system. While the metal wall panel system is not without sealants, all the sealants are concealed at the backside of the system, thus offering an alternative to an exposed sealant or gasketed joint panel system.

The tongue and grove joint enables the metal wall panels to be installed both horizontally and vertically using concealed fasteners. In fact when installed in the horizontal position, the joint system creates a “rainscreen” type principle, with interlocking tongue and groove, which provides a natural method of shedding water, preventing the water from penetrating the exterior skin of the building.

The exterior panel skins are formed on press brakes, ensuring crisp lines and offering greater dimensional flexibility, while the interior liner skins are generally roll-formed. The skins and the cores are then laminated on a dead flat platen vacuum press table ensuring extreme flatness and greater strength. The final result is a laminated metal wall panel with greater span capacity which virtually eliminates the phenomenon of “oil-canning.”