Our 100 Series panels are a fully-caulked metal wall panel system, designed to utilize backer rod and sealant at panel joints. The skins and cores are laminated in our dead flat platen vacuum press system ensuring extreme flatness and strength. Protean’s 100 Series System is typically fabricated to a 1″ thickness but also available up to a thickness of 6″. Our 100 Series has been designed as an insulated core panel system with foam cores FM-100 or a non-insulated metal wall panel system with honeycomb cores HC-100.

Utilizing Protean’s standard installation details, the 100 series metal wall panels are sequentially installed to the structure with mechanical fasteners as a fully-caulked system.

The 100 Series factory formed metal wall panels can be designed to be non-sequentially installed utilizing clips attached to the metal wall panels, allowing panels to be installed or removed individually.

Protean’s 100 Series Metal Panels can also fabricated to install into a storefront or curtain-wall glazing system as spandrel infill panels, glazing panels or insulated metal glazing panels providing an insulated alternative to glass.