Protean’s FM-100 Series Insulated Core Metal Wall Panels are laminated in our dead flat platen vacuum presses, using only pre-cured rigid insulation boards with a variety of skin materials. Our unique dead flat platen vacuum press system, utilized in our laminating process and materials creates the superior flatness of the laminated foam insulated metal panels. Protean’s panel systems are manufactured with our standard smooth finish panel skins but are also available with non-directional embossed surfaces.

This system offers an excellent means of obtaining custom insulated wall panels. Typically fabricated at a thickness of 1″, the laminated metal wall panels are also available up to a thickness of 6″.

Utilizing standard installation details, Protean’s FM-100 Series metal wall panels are to be sequentially installed to the structure with mechanical fasteners as a fully-caulked system.

Our FM-100 Insulated Metal Wall Panel System can be designed to be non-sequentially installed utilizing clips attached to the metal wall panels, allowing panels to be installed or removed individually.

Protean’s FM-100 Series Insulated Core Foam Panels can also be manufactured to install into a storefront or curtain-wall glazing system as spandrel infill panels, glazing panels or insulated metal glazing panels providing an insulated alternative to glass.

Visit our aluminum Column Cover page for additional information on Column Covers and Beam Wraps to match or accent your laminated metal wall panel system.

Panel Features:

Face and Liner Materials FM-100 Insulated Foam Panels Systems

  • Aluminum .040 thick Standard
  • Optional Aluminum material available, please contact Protean
  • Galvanized Steel 22 Ga. Standard
  • Optional Galvanized Steel material available, please contact Protean
  • Stainless Steel 20 Ga. Standard
  • Optional Stainless Steel material available please contact Protean


  • Polyisocyanurate cores (R-value of 2″ Panel tested per ASTM C1363 – R-14)
  • EPS Expanded Polystyrene core (R-value 4 per inch of thickness)

Coatings and Colors

  • Kynar 500 finishes, standard colors, custom colors, metallic and mica coatings.
  • Anodized finishes, standard and custom
  • Stainless Steel Standard Polished or Brushed Finishes.
  • Smooth
  • Non-Directional Embossed

Panels Size limitations

  • Maximum panel lengths approx. 24′-0″
  • Maximum panel width standard panel attachment approx. 56″ based on 1” panel thickness (varies with panel thickness)
  • Maximum panel width Clip Attachment System approx. 58″ based on 1” panel thickness (varies with panel thickness)

Panels Design Configurations

  • Square or Rectangular Flat Panels
  • Geometric shaped Panels
  • Bent Panels – Corner Panels, Coping Panels or Multiple Bend Fascia Panels
  • Curved or Radius Panels


  • Standard Vertical Joint 1/2” caulked Joints
  • Standard Horizontal Joint 1/2” caulked Joints

Panel Weights (Approximate)

  • FM-100 Panel .040 Alum/Polyiso/.040 Alum 1” Panel 1.233#/SF
  • FM-100 Panel 22 ga. Galv./Polyiso/22 ga. Galv. 1” Panel 2.653#/SF
  • FM-100 Panel .040 Alum/EPS/.040 Alum 1” Panel 1.158#/SF
  • FM-100 Panel 22 ga. Galv./EPS/22 ga. Galv. 1” Panel 2.578#/SF