Protean Construction Products offers two types of custom fabricated Sunscreens or Sunshade Systems which are contemporary, permanent durable sun control devices, helping to reduce heat gain resulting in considerable energy savings. They are often designed to compliment our wall panel systems on the building façade and can be installed horizontally or vertically. Not only are they functional, they can be designed as aesthetic elements to accent the windows or other architectural elements on the building.

Sunscreens or Sunshades can accomplish all of the following:

  • Reduced energy costs by reducing heat gain from the sun
  • Increase occupant comfort by reducing direct or indirect glare from the sun
  • Increased security and privacy
  • Improve overall aesthetic appearance of the structure

SS-300 Laminated Sunscreen Systems

Protean’s SS-300 unique Laminated Sunscreen Systems are available in a wide variety of modules, thicknesses, metal substrates and finishes. Extremely flat, smooth or embossed skinned laminated panel offers free span capabilities of up to 20′-0″ depending on panel thickness and internal supports. All of our sunscreen systems are engineered to insure they will withstand the specified design loads.

SS-310 Extruded Aluminum Sunscreen Systems

Protean’s SS-310 Extruded Aluminum Sunscreens are produced from custom or stock extrusions which offer a variety of shapes, thicknesses, modules, and attachments. Extruded Aluminum Sunscreens designed with tubes, airfoils, fins, grilles or louvers these systems can be standard extrusions or custom extrusions and can be adapted to any project requirement. Contact our design staff for assistance in Custom Extruded Aluminum Sunscreen design.