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Aluminum Plate Panel Systems Technical

Aluminum Plate Rainscreen Systems

AP-2500RS Aluminum Plate


Detail # Detail Description
AP-2500RS/1 Parapet Cap
AP-2500RS/2 Horizontal Joint
AP-2500RS/3 Base Detail
AP-2500RS/4 Window Head Detail
AP-2500RS/5 Window Sill Detail
AP-2500RS/6 Window Jamb Detail
AP-2500RS/7 Jamb Detail
AP-2500RS/8 Vertical Joint
AP-2500RS/9 Outside Corner (Bent)
AP-2500RS/10 Outside Corner (Mitered)
AP-2500RS/11 Inside Corner (Bent)
AP-2500RS/12 Inside Corner (Mitered)

AP-2000RS Aluminum Plate


Detail # Detail Description
AP-2000RS/1 Parapet Cap
AP-2000RS/2 Horizontal Joint
AP-2000RS/3 Base Detail
AP-2000RS/4 Window Head Detail
AP-2000RS/5 Window Sill Detail
AP-2000RS/6 Window Jamb Detail
AP-2000RS/7 Jamb Detail
AP-2000RS/8 Vertical Joint
AP-2000RS/9 Outside Corner (Bent)
AP-2000RS/10 Outside Corner (Mitered)
AP-2000RS/11 Inside Corner (Bent)
AP-2000RS/12 Inside Corner (Mitered)

AP-3000RS Aluminum Plate


Detail # Detail Description
AP-3000RS/1 Parapet Cap
AP-3000RS/2 Horizontal Joint
AP-3000RS/3 Base Detail
AP-3000RS/4 Window Head
AP-3000RS/5 Window Sill
AP-3000RS/6 Window Jamb
AP-3000RS/7 Jamb Detail
AP-3000RS/8 Vertical Joint
AP-3000RS/9 Outside Corner
AP-3000RS/10 OutsideCorner (Bent)
AP-3000RS/11 Inside Corner
AP-3000RS/12 Inside Corner
AP-3000RS/13 Optional Vertical Reveal
AP-3000RS/14 Optional Horiz. Reveal

Aluminum Plate Barrier/Wet Sealed Systems

AP-1125 Aluminum Plate


Detail # Detail Description
AP-1125/1 Parapet Cap
AP-1125/2 Horizontal Joint
AP-1125/3 Base Detail
AP-1125/4 Window Head
AP-1125/5 Window Sill
AP-1125/6 Jamb Detail
AP-1125/7 Vertical Joint
AP-1125/8 Outside Corner
AP-1125/9 Outside Corner
AP-1125/10 OutsideCorner (Bent)
AP-1125/11 Inside Corner
AP-1125/12 Inside Corner
AP-1125/13 Glazed In Panel
AP-1125/14 Flush Glazed In Panel

Details AP-1125/14 is not shown on the elevation key.

AP-2125 Aluminum Plate


Detail # Detail Description
AP-2125/1 Parapet Cap
AP-2125/2 Horizontal Joint
AP-2125/3 Base Detail
AP-2125/4 Window Head
AP-2125/5 Window Sill
AP-2125/6 Jamb Detail
AP-2125/7 Vertical Joint
AP-2125/8 Outside Corner
AP-2125/9 Outside Corner (Bent)
AP-2125/10 Inside Corner