Archived Products Technical

FM-210 Insulated Foam Core


Detail # Detail Description
FM-210/1 Parapet Cap
FM-210/2 Horizontal Joint
FM-210/3 Base Detail
FM-210/4 Window Head
FM-210/5 Window Sill
FM-210/6 Window Jamb/Jamb
FM-210/7 Vertical Joint
FM-210/8 Outside Corner
FM-210/9 OutsideCorner (Bent)
FM-210/10 Inside Corner
FM-210/11 Inside Corner
FM-210/12 Glazed Window Head
FM-210/13 Glazed Window Sill

Details FM-210/12 and FM-210/13 are not shown on the elevation key.

FM-220 Insulated Foam Core


Detail # Detail Description
FM-220/1 Parapet Cap
FM-220/2 Horizontal Joint
FM-220/3 Base Detail
FM-220/4 Window Head
FM-220/5 Window Sill
FM-220/6 Jamb Detail
FM-220/7 Vertical Joint
FM-220/8 Outside Corner
FM-220/9 Outside Corner (Bent)
FM-220/10 Inside Corner
FM-220/11 Inside Corner

HC-210 Honeycomb Core


Detail # Detail Description
HC-210/1 Parapet Cap
HC-210/2 Horizontal Joint
HC-210/3 Base Detail
HC-210/4 Window Head
HC-210/5 Window Sill
HC-210/6 Window Jamb/Jamb
HC-210/7 Vertical Joint
HC-210/8 Outside Corner
HC-210/9 OutsideCorner (Bent)
HC-210/10 Inside Corner
HC-210/11 Inside Corner
HC-210/12 Glazed Window Head
HC-210/13 Glazed Window Sill

Details HC-210/12 and HC-210/13 are not shown on the elevation key.

HC-220 Honeycomb Core


Detail # Detail Description
HC-220/1 Parapet Cap
HC-220/2 Horizontal Joint
HC-220/3 Base Detail
HC-220/4 Window Head
HC-220/5 Window Sill
HC-220/6 Jamb Detail
HC-220/7 Vertical Joint
HC-220/8 Outside Corner
HC-220/9 OutsideCorner (Bent)
HC-220/10 Inside Corner
HC-220/11 Inside Corner

SS-300 Laminated


Detail # Detail Description
SS-300/1 Sunscreen Isometric
SS-300/2 Plan @ Structure
SS-300/3 Blade Retainer
SS-300/4 Square Bullnose
SS-300/5 Radiused Bullnose
SS-300/6 Round Bullnose
SS-300/7 Sunscreen Isometric
SS-300/8 Sunscreen Section
SS-300/9 Reveal Blade Retainer
SS-300/10 Reveal Fin Retainer
SS-300/11 Fin Detail @ Ctr Blade
SS-300/12 Fin Detail @ Ctr Blade
SS-300/13 Fin Detail @ Btm Blade
SS-300/14 CW Sunscreen Isometric
SS-300/15 Fin Detail @ Vert Mullion
SS-300/16 Plan Detail @ Top of Fin
SS-300/17 Section @ Top of Fin Assm
SS-300/18 Section @ Blade Support
SS-300/19 Lock Seam Connection
SS-300/20 Outrigger Joint
SS-300/21 Bump-Formed Rd Bullnose

SS-310 Extruded Aluminum


Detail # Detail Description
SS-310/1 Isometrics & Sections
SS-310/2 Isometrics & Sections
SS-310/3 Components
SS-310/4 Attachment @ Structure
SS-310/5 Airfoil Louver
SS-310/6 Square Louver
SS-310/7 Circular Louver
SS-310/8 Rectangular Louver
SS-310/9 Grate Louver
SS-310/10 Planer Louver