Protean Construction Products, Inc. is a leader in the manufacturing of high-tech architectural metal wall panel systems. Demonstrating over 25 years of proven product experience, we focus on custom fabricated systems specifically designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the design community. When your specifications demand flexibility and versatility of flat wall construction, we invite you to contact the experts at Protean.

Protean Construction Products, Inc. has been a manufacturer of high-tech architectural metal wall panel systems since 1989. We offer a single source of responsibility to our customers with the flexibility and versatility needed to custom fabricate systems to meet their needs. An experienced design staff and unique manufacturing processes allow us to produce a wide variety of custom panel systems at a competitive price. Working with our customers, there is no design or construction problem we can’t solve.

Special Notice to Firestone Metal Products Customers

The recent decision by Firestone Metal Products to exit the fabricated metal wall panel market has created a void in the Architectural Metal Panel Market. Protean is willing to assist Firestone Metal Products customers with their fabricated wall panel needs.

To help you determine where Protean can assist you with your fabricated metal product needs, see the cross-reference table below.

Firestone Metal Products Part Number Protean Equivalent Part Number
UnaClad Series 10 & Series 45 HC-100 System
UnaClad 3000 Series AP-1125
UnaClad 3200 Series AP-3000RS
UnaClad 4500 AP-2000RS
UnaCald Series 100 Column Covers AP-COL 100
UnaClad Series 200 Column Covers AP-COL 200

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