Protean’s Architectural Metal Wall Panel Systems Achieve Your Vision

Protean Construction Products is a leading manufacturer of architectural metal wall panel systems that can be tailored to your design concept.

Our name is derived from the Latin word “pro•te•an” (pro tē ‑n), which means “readily taking on different shapes or forms; versatile.” Like our name, our metal wall panels take on the form of your architectural vision.

With a passion to help you create great buildings that last, we provide project-specific solutions for your architectural metal wall system needs. We have extensive experience in the architectural market, superior quality manufacturing practices and products, and an understanding of field installation requirements.

Our engineering and design expertise enables us to help you achieve your vision without compromising your project’s budget. We only work with qualified installers to insure proper installation and a superior finished product that performs as intended and lasts for the life of the building.

Honeycomb (HMP) & Insulated (IMP) Panel Systems

Protean’s honeycomb and insulated metal wall panels, available in barrier wall or rainscreen style systems, are ideal for government, education and civic buildings. HMP systems are economical for projects needing long, smooth expanses. IMPs provide the added value of noise abatement and high R-value performance for increased energy efficiency. Learn more ...

Aluminum Plate Panels

Protean’s aluminum plate systems deliver both flexibility and versatility through fully caulked wet sealed systems and pressure equalized rainscreen systems. Well suited to small projects with custom colors, these systems are ideal for civic, education and government buildings as well as for retail/commercial accents, where durability is necessary and long life is desired. Learn more ...

ACM Panels

Protean’s aluminum composite panels (ACM), available in wet sealed and rainscreen systems, provide the lowest cost option where a shorter service life is anticipated. Best for low rise applications above grade, ACM panel systems are ideal for retail and multi-family buildings. Our ACM rainscreen systems offer the added value of low cost sustainability and maintenance. Learn more ...

Column Covers & Wraps

Protean’s architectural column covers & wraps are available in aluminum plate, stainless steel and aluminum composite materials (ACM). As an important complement to the overall design of your project, our design team can help you spec the column cover material, design configuration and column cover finish that best fits the overall aesthetic you hope to achieve. Learn more ...

Why Protean?

Protean - readily taking on different shapes or forms; versatile

We are dedicated to your success. Our team of experts can help you achieve the optimum balance between form and function.
We offer:

  • Experience – Protean has fabricated metal cladding for more than 1,000 architectural projects since our inception in 1989.
  • Quality – we have a 99.4% quality rating and have not had a single warranty claim in more than 20 years.
  • Engineering leadership - we are large enough to provide extensive engineering leadership and expertise, yet small enough to be flexible and attentive to the needs of individual clients.
  • Design expertise - our knowledgeable design team can assist with project-specific design solutions leading to the right product for the right application and desired aesthetic. Involving our team early on in the decision making process can save you time and money.
  • Project management - our project management team will work closely with you and the project contractor from start to finish on every project to ensure schedules are met and products are properly fabricated and ready for installation.
  • In-house manufacturing - by manufacturing our products in-house, we can control schedules, prioritize fabrication, and monitor the quality of everything we produce.
  • Extensive product offering - our product offering is on track with the latest architectural trends but also includes “tried and true” metal panel systems that stand the test of time.
  • Architectural wall system specialties - we have unmatched capabilities for ‘dead flat’ panels, curved panels and radiused panels within the context of an overall system design, expanding your architectural license.
  • Customer service - from the first lunch and learn to the final warranty close outs, we work with you to ensure the optimal system is selected to achieve your vision.

Latest News

Increased Design Flexibility with New NFPA-285 Tested IMP’s

If you have limited your use of insulated metal panels (IMP’s) to warehouses and cold storage units, Protean’s new testing protocol has opened the door to increased design flexibility with highly sustainable, fire-safe panels. Based upon recent NFPA-285 testing results, Protean has expanded the design options available for architects with IMP’s.  Protean FM-200 (dry joint)…

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Protean has released Environmental Product Declarations for our metal panel wall systems, making them easily downloadable from the Sustainability page of protean.com. The EPDs will enable architects and project team members to easily understand product environmental specifics and gather needed information to verify LEED certification credits.   See our Sustainability page for additional information on…

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Protean Project Receives AIA Honor Award

Protean Construction Products is pleased to announce that they supplied custom, perforated panels for a Minnesota AIA Honor Awards Project. The Mill City Parking Structure has been recognized with an Honor Award by the MN AIA. The structure is in the City of Wayzata, which is located just west of Minneapolis on Lake Minnetonka. Wayzata…

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The New Alternative to ACM

If you are looking for an alternative to ACM, the solution may come from the past. Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a highly flexible, low cost alternative for project specific metal cladding. The application of ACM has become common-place, and it rightly holds a sizable share of the metal cladding market. At Protean, we believe…

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Dalton Architectural and Freeman Specialties Partner with Protean

Protean Construction Products is pleased to announce that Dalton Architectural Services, Inc (DASI) of Houston, TX and Freeman Specialties of Indianapolis have partnered with the company as Manufacturer’s Representatives. “Protean is looking to expand through Representation across the country”, said Troy Ethen, President CEO of Protean. “However, we need partners who take a consultative approach…

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Protean Releases New Brochure with Product Selection Guide

Protean Construction Products is pleased to announce that it has published new literature with a Product Selection Guide. Protean has a passion to help architects create great buildings that last. They offer a broad range of metal cladding systems with flexible design characteristics to provide project specific solutions. Their new brochure helps architects imagine the…

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Protean Construction Products and Aluma Fab Merge

Protean Construction Products is pleased to announce that Aluma Fab Metal Sales became a wholly owned subsidiary of Protean Construction Products on January 1, 2017. Protean has provided fabricating services to Aluma Fab since 1992, and ownership of the two companies has had significant overlap. However, the businesses have operated independently and competed with each…

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Protean Launches Series 3000 Rainscreen Systems

Protean is pleased to announce the release of our AP-3000RS and ACM-3000RS rain screen systems. These rain screen systems are engineered for use in extremely wet climates or for buildings that will be exposed to driving rain. These open joint systems allow for ease of installation and the spline joint covers the panel joints. This…

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