Color & Finish Guide

Plate Panel Systems (AP) & Column Covers (COL)

Protean plate panel systems and column covers are typically fabricated from mill aluminum and finished post fabrication, allowing an infinite selection of colors with no minimum material order. Our plate panels and column covers can also be fabricated in stainless steel in a variety of patterns, finishes and colors. This guide provides a limited sampling of the infinite combinations available from Protean through our material and finishing partnerships.

aluminum & stainless

Protean has partnered with Linetec to provide liquid spray paint & (dip) anodizing options for  for our Plate Panels and Column Covers in a variety of colors, from stunning patina green to extra dark bronze and a variety of colors in between.

Standard Spray Paint Colors

(Aluminum & Stainless)

Premium Spray Paint Colors

(5000 square foot minimum may apply)

Standard Anodized Colors

(Aluminum Only)

click to enlarge color swatch

For all color combinations, go to

Protean has partnered with Rimex Metals USA to provide stainless steel faces for our plate panels and column covers. Stainless steel plate panels are a great accent for your project (we recommend stainless HMP’s for larger façade applications), and column covers fabricated from patterned or colored stainless provide an elegant touch on interior or exterior column cover applications.

Standard Finishes

(Stainless Steel)

Colored Finishes

(all standard finishes can be colored)

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For all finish & color combinations, go to

Perforated Patterns

Protean plate panel systems can also be provided in decorative perforated patterns. Perforated panels are available in the same paint and anodized colors as standard panels.

(Pattern samples coming soon)


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