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Our project management team works closely with you and the project contractor to ensure schedules are met, products are properly fabricated, and erectable shipments arrive complete with fasteners and crated by elevation. From start to finish, Protean supports your success with knowledgeable, accountable and experienced professionals.

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Knowledgeable project support from 20+ year industry specialists

Protean’s Project Managers and Senior Estimators bring 20+ years of experience to each engagement. This expertise is a major asset in spotlighting and resolving potential issues, such as missing design restrictions and scheduling challenges.

Our team’s first-hand knowledge of the installation process coupled with Protean’s flexible production process, which allows for variances, ensures your project achieves the desired design aesthetic and functionality.


Projects across 50 States


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The projects we support are designed for the long-term. From civic buildings and corporate headquarters to airports, hospitals and more, Protean ensures our architectural metal panels deliver the quality and durability required for a building’s lifespan.

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Superior manufacturing for metal wall panels that last

Our panel systems are designed and crafted with heavier gauge materials, reinforced corners, and conservatively spaced stiffeners to extend service life. In addition, our in-house manufacturing capabilities enable us to control every phase of the production process with quality assurance measures at each critical step.

Controlling the manufacturing process also provides us incredible flexibility in design, fabrication, and the critical factor of scheduling. With our ability to prioritize fabrication, we’ve helped meet aggressive closeout dates and tight construction timelines. We always do our best to meet even the toughest timelines. At Protean, we’re committed to making buildings and relationships that last.


With the rise in climate change events and increased stakeholder pressures, integrating sustainability measures and green building materials into your designs is more important than ever. To help you design for sustainability without sacrificing beauty and functionality, Protean’s architectural metal wall panel systems contribute to a high-performance building envelope and can help your project achieve LEED credits within both LEED v4 and v4.1. In addition, our products support green building design in many ways.


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