Color & Finish Guide

Insulated Metal Panel (IMP’s)

Protean IMP’s can be fabricated with aluminum, stainless, or galvanized face material in a variety of finishes, allowing you to choose the metal and finish that brings your project to life. This guide provides a limited sampling of the infinite combinations available from Protean through our material and finishing partnerships.

aluminum, stainless, galvanized, ZINC

Standard Kynar Colors

(for Aluminum or Galvanized)

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Premium Kynar Colors

(5000 square foot minimum may apply)

Kynar 500 is a resin-based finish used on many aluminum and galvanized steel construction products. Typical coil coat warranties are 20 years.

Protean has partnered with Lorin Industries to provide anodized aluminum faces for our IMP in a variety of colors, from classic clear anodized to black stainless and a variety of colors in between.

Standard Anodized Colors

(Aluminum only)

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Premium Anodized Colors

(5000 square foot minimum may apply)

For additonal color options, go to

Protean has partnered with Rimex Metals USA to provide stainless steel faces for our IMP panels. The IMP design allows the use of thinner guages, making beautiful patterned and colored stainless more affordable.

Standard Finishes

(Stainless Steel)

Colored Finishes

(all standard finishes can be colored)

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For all finish & color combinations, go to

Kynar Prints

By working with several specialty coil finishes, Protean can provide Kynar print in selected patterns to mimic wood grains, patina  metal and other patterned finishes. 

Contact Protean for additional patterns.


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