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Protean’s Aluminum Plate Panels expand your creative possibilities. We don’t confine your design thinking with standard shapes, sizes, or shades like other manufacturers.

Protean offers maximum flexibility and versatility to realize your vision. Our aluminum plate rainscreen and barrier wall systems are well suited to small projects with custom colors. The panels are painted after they are formed, eliminating minimum orders costs for custom ACM or coil coated colors. These systems work well for civic, education and government buildings as well as for retail/commercial canopies and entrances, where durability is necessary and long life is desired.

Ranging from a pressure equalized rainscreen system, to a fully caulked barrier wall system or decorative perforated coverings standard construction is with 0.125 plate, ideal for cladding applications that go down to grade or as an accent around an entrance. The panel thickness prevents denting common in thinner rainscreens or ACM panels and eliminates the possibility of delamination.

Attractive Rainscreen Systems with Lowest Overall Service Life Cost

As true rainscreens, the AP-2500RS and AP-2000RS offer the ultimate in lowest overall cost throughout the service life of the system. Back ventilated and drained rainscreen systems (the AP-2500RS and AP-2000RS) are designed to adjust to pressures within a 0.8 second differential. They can also meet LEED requirements due to the elimination of thermal bridging and 100% recyclable content. The new AP-2500RS installs up to 40% faster than spline joint systems due to integrated drainage channels and attachment clips.

AP-2500RS & AP-2000RS
Aluminum Plate Rainscreen Systems

Best for projects needing:

  • Cladding down to grade
  • Small volume with custom colors
  • Sustainability and low maintenance
  • Entrances and accents
  • Sustainability and longevity for larger, monumental projects

Designed to Drive Out Moisture and Driving Rain

Engineered for extremely wet climates or for buildings exposed to driving rain, AP-3000RS rainscreen systems feature an open joint system. AP-3000RS is designed to reduce the risk of moisture seeping behind the panels due to joint splines not found in more economical rainscreen systems. The extruded frame and non-welded corners provide a crisp and clean edge for an improved aesthetic.

Best for projects needing:

  • Same applications as for AP-2000RS, plus
  • A crisp aesthetic
  • Long horizontal and vertical panels

Achieve Complex Building Contours, Curves and Slopes

Ideal for projects with multiple bends, shapes and contours on varying planes, AP-1125’s durable material holds complex shapes enabling a curved or sloped aesthetic. The base design is also ideal for construction of perforated panels, which allows solid plate and perforated panels to be easily blended in the same project.

AP-1125 & AP-2125
Aluminum Plate Panels

Best for projects needing:

  • Cladding down to grade
  • Small volume with custom colors
  • Complex building contours
  • Entrances and accents
  • Decorative perforation coverings
  • Sustainability and longevity for larger, monumental projects
  • Seismic considerations (AP-2125)

AP-2125 systems are designed to be free-floating by using stainless-steel alignment pins for seismic considerations.

Infinite Colors & Finishes

Check out our Color Guides to explore the possibilities...

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