ACM Panel Systems

Protean’s ACM Panels Offer Cost Effective, Sharp Aesthetic ─ Perfect
for Retail & Multi-family Buildings Requiring Frequent Upgrades

Achieve your vision within budget constraints with Protean’s ACM panels. ACM composite panel systems provide a sharp aesthetic at the lowest cost when a faster return on investment is essential. ACM panels are best used in low rise applications above grade and are ideal for retail and multi-family buildings.

All of our standard products come with a Twenty Year Finish & Five Year Workmanship & Durability Guarantee.


Protean’s ACM panels offer a sharp aesthetic that is cost effective for buildings needing frequent upgrades due to branding and turnover. ACM-100 panels met The Lakes, Lakefront Residences’ need for an elegant exterior without pushing rental costs beyond the means of the targeted demographic.

ACM Rainscreen Cladding ─ Economical & Versatile Offering
Low Maintenance & Low Cost Sustainability

ACM-2000RS Rainscreen Cladding

Protean’s most economical rainscreen cladding system, ACM-2000RS can be installed as a drained/back-ventilated system or modified to install as a pressure equalized rainscreen system. ACM rainscreen cladding can be custom painted to match or contrast with other materials if desired on larger projects.

ACM-3000RS Rainscreen Cladding

An extruded frame rainscreen panel system, ACM-3000RS is engineered for extremely wet climates or for buildings exposed to driving rain. ACM-3000RS is designed to reduce the risk of moisture seeping behind the panels due to joint splines not found in more economical rainscreens. The extruded frame and non-welded corners provide a crisp and clean edge for an improved aesthetic.

ACM-2000RS and ACM-3000RS ACM Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Best for projects needing:

  • Low rise, above grade use
  • Low cost materials
  • Branding/corporate identity
  • Shorter service life requirements
  • Low cost sustainability
  • Low cost/low maintenance features

ACM-3000RS, an extruded frame ACM rainscreen cladding system, created a sharp aesthetic for the Woodbury Medical Office Complex. This spline joint system provided crisp returns with no reveals for minimal maintenance and enhanced protection from open exposure.

ACM Barrier Wall Systems Provide Crisp Look & Competitive Price
Perfect for Retail, Commercial or Multi-Family Buildings

ACM-100 composite panel systems provide a sharp look at a competitive price ideal for retail, commercial or multi-family buildings, especially where branding and turnover result in frequent renovation.

ACM-100 Barrier Wall Systems

Best for projects needing:

  • Low rise, above grade use
  • Low cost materials
  • Branding/corporate identity
  • Shorter service life requirements

The architect of North Carolina’s Knight Theater wanted the contemporary look of ACM along with its economic advantages, but needed a bold presentation. Protean designed a project specific solution by forming the ACM-100 panels to achieve the architect’s vision and by keeping within budget constraints.