Protean Launches Series 3000 Rainscreen Systems


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Protean is pleased to announce the release of our AP-3000RS and ACM-3000RS rain screen systems. These rain screen systems are engineered for use in extremely wet climates or for buildings that will be exposed to driving rain.

These open joint systems allow for ease of installation and the spline joint covers the panel joints. This design further reduces the possibility of moisture getting behind the panel as compared to our more economical AP-2000RS and ACM-2000RS systems, and exceeds the design requirements of ASTM E283, E330 & E331. The extruded frame and non-welded corners of the 3000 series provide a more crisp and clean edge for an improved aesthetic. The design also has the added advantage of being singularly removable. As such, damaged panels can be replaced, or problem areas can be accessed easily if vapor barrier or structural issues arise. 

The 3000 series extends Protean’s existing rainscreen offering. Our rainscreens support the architectural trend towards lower maintenance costs and greater sustainability. Rainscreen systems utilize water and/or vapor barriers behind semi-pervious cladding. Although this method can add to the upfront cost of the construction, the life cycle costs are lower than conventional wet sealed systems because caulking at the panel to panel joints does not need to be installed or replaced, and deterioration of other materials is reduced via UV protection provided by the cladding. 

Rainscreen systems also reduce energy costs by eliminating thermal bridging. Rainscreens provide a breathable skin that allows for equalization against negative wind pressure and the subsequent drainage or evaporation of rain water that by-passes the cladding but does not penetrate the rain barrier. 

As with all Protean panel systems, our 3000 series panels are reinforced for superior flatness over the life cycle of the product. In our rainscreens, this reduced deflection improves the aesthetic and maintains the drainage plane for superior drying performance. Protean rainscreen systems are available in Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and Aluminum Plate (AP). 

ACM is the best choice for a tight budget without sacrificing the aesthetic. AP is the material of choice for longer service life, as it will not delaminate. AP also has a better fire rating and provides greater color flexibility, especially on smaller projects. 

Protean Construction Products ( has been a leader in the manufacturing of high-tech architectural metal wall panel systems since 1989. We focus on custom fabricated systems specifically designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the design community. We offer a single source of responsibility to our customers with the flexibility and versatility needed to custom fabricate systems to meet their needs. An experienced design staff and unique manufacturing processes allow us to produce a wide variety of custom panel systems at a competitive price. Our panels take the form architects desire to meet their vision at a cost owners need to meet their budget.

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