Protean Offers Specialty Materials and Finishes at Lower Costs


Specialty Materials from Protean

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Protean has entered strategic material partnerships with Rimex Metals USA, Lorin Industries and Rheinzink USA. These partnerships will extend the range of options available for architects and designers to utilize these materials on building facades.

There are so many beautiful metal finishes for architects to choose from: shimmering colored stainless, brilliantly anodized aluminum, patterned stainless steel, patinaed zinc. The problem is that these materials are expensive, especially at heavy gauge thicknesses.

To be affordable, thin gauge material must be used, but that often leaves the architect limited to stamped shingles or skinny planks. When they try to go larger, they get oil canning that destroys the aesthetic. When they try to go thicker, they find themselves over budget.

Protean believes the solution is thin gauge material backed by honeycomb. As Protean CEO Troy Ethen explains,

In addition to the improved aesthetic, fewer panels result in less material waste and lower installation costs. The end result is a showcase project at reasonable price.

Since 1989, Protean Construction Products has provided commercial architects and builders unlimited design possibilities with their high-tech architectural metal wall panel systems. Durable, sustainable and competitively priced, Protean’s panel systems can be custom designed to fulfill any creative vision.

Reflective soffit with Rimex patterned stainless steel on HC-200 Panel System

Protean continues to be a leader in the industry because they offer clients the full package: the broadest portfolio of options, deep knowledge from an experienced team of industry specialists, and unparalleled support through every stage of the design and installation process.

Only Protean provides the design freedom needed to achieve a vision’s potential and assure its legacy.

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