AP-1125 Wet Joint Metal Plate Panels

Aluminum Plate Panels (AP)

The AP-1125 Series is formed plate barrier system, which provides a smooth joint with welded and ground corners. AP panel systems are best used in low rise applications that go down to grade, as accents with low volume custom colors. The AP-1125 system is the best fit for projects with multiple bends, shapes and conditions where long service life is desired.

Materials of Construction

  • 0.125” Aluminum (3003/3105 alloy)
  • Options: 0.080” & 0.090” 
  • 5005 alloy (for anodized), 0.080” & 0.125”
  • 16 Ga Stainless Steel
  • Perforated Metal

Coatings and Colors

  • Standard: Kynar 500 Finish (unlimited palette)
  • Options: Anodized, 2B, #4 or #8 Stainless

Panel Sizes

  • Maximum Panel Width: 5”
  • Optimal Widths: 18”, 24”, 42”, 55” (for lowest cost)
  • Maximum Length: 15’,9” (1189”)
  • Optimal Length: 48”, 96”, 117”, 141” &189”
  • System Depth: 1.5”


  • Civic Buildings, Educational Buildings, Government Buildings

Panels Design Configurations

  • Rectangular or Square Flat Panels
  • Geometrically Shaped Panels
  • Bent Panels – Corner Panels, Copings
  • Multiple Bends – Fascia Panels
  • Curved or Radius Panels Available


  • ½” Caulked Joint, Vertical & Horizontal

Panel Weights (Approximate)

  • 1.875 #/SF (0.125”)
  • 1.35 #/SF (0.080”)
  • 2.65 #/SF (16 Ga SS)

Testing Information Available

  • Air Infiltration: ASTM E-283
  • Structural: ASTM E-330
  • Water Penetration: ASTM E-331


Utilizing standard installation details, AP-1125 series panels are sequentially installed to the structure with mechanical fasteners and formed attachment legs. The minimum joint of ½” is sealed with backer rod and sealant compatible with the finish. We recommend use of hat girts and self-tapping screws; however, our panels can be fastened to flat strap furring or direct to 5/8” or heavier plywood. Optional design with attachment clips allows non-sequential installation so panels can be installed or removed individually.

Optional free-floating design for seismic consideration (AP-2125) is sequentially installed with stainless steel alignment pins through slotted side joint on an extended attachment leg.


1 Year Workmanship
& 10 year finish,
5 year anodized finish


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