The SS-COL Series column covers are designed to provide an aesthetically appealing façade for interior and exterior structural support columns.

Materials of Construction

  • 0.125” Aluminum (3003 alloy)
  • Options: 0.090” Aluminum, 5005 alloy (for anodized)
  • 16 Ga Stainless Steel (other gauges available)
  • 4 mm ACM (3 mm & 6mm available)

Coatings and Colors

  • Standard: Kynar 500 Finish (unlimited palette)
  • Options: Anodized, Brushed Stainless, Smooth/MCM

Column Sizes

  • Maximum Length: 15’
    • Columns exceeding maximum length require horizontal joints
  • Minimum Diameter: 8”
  • Optimal Diameters: 8”, 10”, 20”, 34” (for lowest cost)
    • Columns exceeding 34” diameter require additional vertical joint(s)


  • Horizontal Reveals (top, bottom and horizontal joint)
  • Trim Rings (Ceiling Trim or Base Trim)
  • Bases and Capitals
  • Sound Deadening Mastic

Column Configurations

  • Round Columns
  • Rectangular Columns
  • Oval Columns
  • Tapered Columns


  • ½” Caulked Joint, (AP-COL-100)
  • Hairline/Butt Joint (AP-COL-200)
  • Optional: ½” joint closure channel (AP-COL-300)
  • Optional: Horizontal Tight Butt Joints.

Panel Weights

  • 1.875 #/SF (0.125”)
  • 1.35 #/SF (0.080”)
  • 2.65 #/SF (16 Ga SS)

Testing Information Available

  • Air Infiltration: ASTM E-283
  • Structural: ASTM E-330
  • Water Penetration: ASTM E-331


Column covers are typically manufactured in two halves. They are attached directly to structural columns utilizing clip attachments to these structural members. Allow 4 inches clearance on each side of column for attachment and return ends. The hairline/butt joint design uses a ‘snap together’ design with integrated stem and groove. Design requires ¾” clearance to slide the stem half into the locking groove.


5 Year Workmanship and 20 year finish when AP-COL Standard Construction is Basis of Design


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