FM-100 Barrier / Wet Sealed System And Glazing Infill Panel

Insulated Metal Panels (IMP)

The FM-100 Series is a barrier system best used when high R-Value or noise deadening is required. Panels tested to R-Value = 14 (7 per inch of depth). Laminated foam panels are well suited for projects needing large panels with long, smooth expanses. The FM-100 is highly recommended when complex panel configurations, corner and openings make lower cost foam-in-place panels more costly to fabricate and install.

Materials of Construction

  • Face: 0.040” Aluminum (Coil Coated)
  • Liner: 0.040” Aluminum (Primer Coat)
  • Core: 2.0” Polyisocyanurate
  • Options:
    • 22 Ga Galvanized Steel
    • 20 Ga Stainless Steel
    • EPS Core
    • Face/liner thicknesses to 0.040”-0.090”
    • Core thickness 1” to 6”

Coatings and Colors

  • Standard: 2-coat Kynar 500 Finish
  • Options: Anodized (not recommended), brushed stainless, Mica, metallic, 3-coat, non-directional embossed, exotic colors.

Panel Sizes

  • Maximum Panel Width: 56” (based upon 2” core)
  • Optimal Widths: 20”, 26”, 44” and 56” (for lowest cost)
  • Maximum Length: 16’
  • Optimal Length: <16’
  • System Depth: 2.0“(Standard)


  • Civic Buildings, Educational Buildings, Government Buildings

Panels Design Configurations

  • Rectangular or Square Flat Panels
  • Geometrically Shaped Panels
  • Bent Panels – Corner Panels, Copings
  • Multiple Bends – Fascia Panels
  • Curved or Radius Panels


  • ½” Dry Joint, Vertical & Horizontal

Panel Weights (Approximate)

  • 1.264 #/SF (Standard 0. 040 Aluminum)
  • 2.934 #/SF (22 Ga Galvanizied)
  • 3.17 #/SF (20 Ga Stainless Steel)

Testing Information Available

  • Air Infiltration: ASTM E-283
  • Structural: ASTM E-330
  • Water Penetration: ASTM E-331
  • Weathering: ASTM D-2447
  • Thermal: ASTM C1363 (2” = R-14)


Utilizing standard installation details, FM-100 series panels are sequentially installed to the structure with mechanical fasteners and formed attachment legs. The minimum joint of ½” is sealed with backer rod and sealant compatible with the finish. We recommend use of hat girts and self-tapping screws; however, our panels can be fastened to flat strap furring or direct to 5/8” or heavier plywood.

With attachment tabs removed, the FM-100 can be glazed in to curtain walls in lieu of glass at spandrels, etc. Typical foamed-in-place insulated panels are not suited for glazed-in applications.


1 Year Workmanship
& 10 year finish


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