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Aluminum Plate Panels

Protean’s custom aluminum plate panels create innovative designs and accents that will help you achieve the look you want for your building design. Our panels are flexible and versatile, making them perfect for creating retail and commercial canopies and entranceways. Visit our ‘Products’ page to see why our panels are superior to other products on the market.Read More

Laminated Wall Cladding

Are you looking for laminated wall cladding that provides durability and value to your project? Our Protean Aluminum plate panels are perfect for cladding down to grade, perforated accents, and entrance accents. Our products can be custom manufactured to your design vision. Give us a call at 952-895-4000 to discuss your building project with our team of pros.Read More

Aluminum Plate Barrier Wall Systems

See why more builders choose our Protean aluminum plate barrier wall systems. Visit our website’s Products section to see complete specs on our aluminum plate systems that are perfect for projects with multiple bends, shapes, and contours. Our durable materials hold their shape to deliver the aesthetic appearance you want for your design. Read More

Aluminum Rainscreen

Why choose Protean’s aluminum rainscreen? Our product offers the lowest overall cost compared with other systems over the life of the system. Our aluminum rainscreen is ideal for projects that need cladding down to grade, small volume, custom colors, low maintenance, and superior sustainability. Find out more about our products on the website.Read More

Column Covers

Let us improve the aesthetic appearance of your custom design with column covers that withstand the test of time and the elements. Protean’s column covers are available in round, oval, or share shapes and are offered in stainless steel, aluminum plate or ACM composite in a wide range of finishes- and they’re not just for exterior applications!Read More

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

At Protean, we custom build aluminum honeycomb panels specific to your building design, so you can achieve the look you want while staying under budget. Our honeycomb-core panels can be completely customized for your build, and offer superior strength and wind load resistance. Large panels are ideal for complex configurations and come at a price you’re sure to appreciate.Read More

The New Alternative to ACM

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If you are looking for an alternative to ACM, the solution may come from the past. Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a highly flexible, low cost alternative for project specific metal cladding. The application of ACM has become common-place, and it rightly holds a sizable share of the metal cladding market. At Protean, we believe…

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Protean Warranty

All Protean products are backed by a Twenty Year Finish & Five Year Workmanship & Durability Guarantee for standard products.   Protean Alternatives to Discontinued Una-Clad Products Looking for alternatives to discontinued Una-Clad products? Protean has a series of options that can meet and exceed your expectations, all backed by a Twenty Year Finish &…

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Archived Products Technical

Archived Products Technical FM-210 Insulated Foam Core Detail # Detail Description FM-210/1 Parapet Cap FM-210/2 Horizontal Joint FM-210/3 Base Detail FM-210/4 Window Head FM-210/5 Window Sill FM-210/6 Window Jamb/Jamb FM-210/7 Vertical Joint FM-210/8 Outside Corner FM-210/9 OutsideCorner (Bent) FM-210/10 Inside Corner FM-210/11 Inside Corner FM-210/12 Glazed Window Head FM-210/13 Glazed Window Sill Details FM-210/12 and…

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